I recently purchased 'The Fashion Book'. The book is an A-Z guide to nearly everything you could think of in the industry, it covers a wide range of areas from designers, stylists, models, editors, icons, photographers and anything in between you can think of. It gives a very detailed insight and the history about the different figures in the fashion world and the people who created it including Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Victoria Beckham and so many more. I would definitely tell all fellow fashionistas to buy a copy, I especially recommend this to those who are studying or learning about fashion as I feel it gives a very in depth explanation of the varied areas within the industry which could teach everyone a thing or two.

Authors: Carmel Allen, Tim Cooke, Laura Gardner, Beth Hancock, Rebekah Hay-Brown, Hettie Judah, Sebastian Kaufmann, Caroline Kinneberg, Natasha Kraal, Fiona McAuslan, Alice Mackrell, Richard Martin, Melanie Rickey, Judith Watt and Melissa Mostyn.