With winter slowly but surely leaving us we can look forward to an exciting spring. Although the weather might not be favourable for this season, the dress code certainly is. I adore the knitwear, scarves and fur you wear in the winter season, I like to think of it as 'cosy fashion'. Although perfectly acceptable to wear everything I mentioned in spring which is not always the warmest month, everyone usually can't wait to shed the winter layers and experiment with the new spring collections. I definitely get the most excited about going into this season than any other because after having a cold and wet winter it's very refreshing to see a wider variety of colour and style. Whilst we all have an excuse to wear our winter clothes, we may as well make the most of them, which includes putting the coat with the fur collar on at every oppotunity, adding that extra detail with a tartan scarf and finishing your outfit off with a classic pair of leather gloves.

Coat - River Island

Scarf - Topman