Firstly I would like to wish everyone that's going off to university, college or school all the best and hope everyone has a successful academic year. A very close friend of mine has just gone off for her first year at university to study Fashion Communication and Promotion at the University of Huddersfield. I recently received my Fashion Retail Academy prospectus through the post and I'm very excited to see what full time, fast track, intensive and short courses there are available both for myself and anyone else I know who has an interest in fashion. It's fantastic to see what opportunities are on offer to anyone wanting to have an education in fashion and those who want to go on and pursue it as a career. It's so important to nurture the next generation in this industry and having a wide selection of courses available from 'Fashion Design' to 'Visual Merchandising' makes the choice of which path to go down so much easier.

In this day and age deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life and then actually going on to pursing it is hard enough, so having opportunities like this available makes life all the more easier for everyone. Students are now able to pinpoint which course meets their specific needs, requirements and which one is most relevant to their preferred area within the world of fashion. Every time I see a course advertised online, in a magazine or in a prospectus they seem to be improving rapidly. With added extras such as access to new facilities, internships and a variety of resources available being introduced into colleges and universities both in this country and worldwide to help bring out a students true potential and ability.