Everyone at some point or another has had what I call a 'camouflage moment'. Whether it be in the form of a shirt, trousers or even a dress, everyone dabbles in the classic camouflage at some point in their lives. Originally used by the military to help blend in, in fashion its role is to stand out from the crowd and make a statement on someone's outfit. Camouflage has always been a classic look which we will keep making a comeback time and time again, as soon as you start to get the impression it's going back out of fashion it's suddenly back walking down the catwalk at a Versace show. I usually like to accompany a camouflage style with a black/white palette of clothing such as a pair of white jeans or a black leather jacket to help balance out the bold, edgy effect that comes with having a camouflage moment.

Leather Jacket - H&M

T-shirt - River Island

Jeans - New Look

Shoes - Boohoo