Over August bank holiday (which seems like forever ago!) I took a weekend long trip to Paris to celebrate my 20th birthday. I was accompanied by a very close friend of mine who had recently received the news she had secured a place at university, so we both had good reason to go away for a few days and celebrate! By twelve thirty that afternoon we were on our way to Paris and temperatures of 38 degrees. After a handful of car and train journeys we decided to walk to our hotel which was a straightforward twenty minute walk away and it gave us a chance to familiarise ourselves with the city. We stayed at the Ronceray Opera hotel which was everything we wanted and more, including life saving air con! After we had settled in and unpacked we went straight back out to start exploring. Our aim was to see and take in as much as possible over the three days. First stop was The Louvre where we had the pleasure of seeing some of the most historic and magnificent pieces of art and history in the world. A personal favourite of mine was the legendary Mona Lisa, we even managed to get the all important selfie with her. The rest of the evening consisted of strolling along the River Seine, snapshotting the breathtaking scenery and appreciating how lucky we were to be in such a beautiful part of the world. Once we had got back to our hotel we set our alarms ready for the next day ahead.

Our day began at 5:30am followed by a gorgeous buffet breakfast. We left the hotel around 8am to make our way to the tour guide centre, where we had a city tour and cruise lined up for us. I wore a white shirt from H&M combined with my blue River Island trousers to keep things straightforward and chic, because it was so hot we had to keep our attire light. Walking through Paris early on a Saturday morning and watching the city wake up was an experience in itself. Once we had made it to the tour centre we boarded the coach and set off for our two hour tour around the city. That morning we saw some truly breathtaking views which included the iconic Eiffel Tower, Dior fashion house, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Place de la Concorse where a scene from 'The Devil Wears Prada' was filmed and other spectacluar locations within the city.

After the tour had finished we then made our way over to the cruise where we were greeted with a glass of champagne. The cruise for me was a definite highlight and was an amazing experience where we were able to view Paris from a completely diffrent angle.

After the cruise had finished we took a taxi back to our hotel where we freshened up and got ready for go out for dinner that evening. We ate at the most gorgeous Italian resturant right next door to the Effiel Tower, I will definitely be returning on my next visit to Paris. Once we had been wined and dinned we set off once again to stroll around Paris where we got to watch a Saturday night unfold within the city. We sat by the River Seine where we had the most incredible view of the Effiel tower lighting up and really got to appreciate why they call this the 'city of light', it was a sight I'll never forget. Once the night had drawn in we walked along the river bank to get a taxi to a bar next door to our hotel where we finished this wonderful day drinking cocktails.

The next morning we knew we had to make the most of our final day here, as in a few hours we were to get the train back to London. We spent it doing what we do best, shopping! By this point we had a general idea of where we were and what was around us so we managed to find our way about without so much 'Google Maps' help. After purchasing a few items and getting some souvenirs for our family and friends, we went back to the hotel to start packing up our belongings for the journey home. This was truly an unforgettable trip which happened at just the right time, we were able to celebrate certain points in our lives that were happening. As soon as we reached London I was already craving to go back although, I know it won't be to long before I will be returning...