A few weeks ago I was kindly invited by Becky Taylor, the Jarrolds Account Manager for Chanel, to be treated to an afternoon of inspiration and sensation of the senses at the Gabrielle event for the launch of their new fragrance. I'm already a self-confessed Chanel obsessive and avid admirer of the brand, so you can imagine my excitement.


Area Manager for Chanel Beth Sherratt had travelled down from London to display a talk and presentation on the Gabrielle Chanel Fragrance and give an insight into the unique world of Chanel. The talk touched upon various topics from where the all important ingredients are harvested, the development of the fragrance and the very ideology behind the bottle. It came as quite a surprise that we were introduced to the idea that Coco Chanel herself was in fact a rebel of her time and trendsetter from the beginning. She cut her hair short when women traditionally had it long, baked in the sun when women were expected to be pale and wore comfortable clothing over corsets, who doesn't love a rebel? As surprising as this all may have seemed it wasn't until we looked at the face of the Gabrielle Chanel campaign that it all begins to make sense...Kirsten Stewart! I'm sure we will always associate her with the Twilight saga that produced a fan base of teenage girls big enough to rival Justin Bieber's, but since that time has passed she has made controversial headlines that require a second glance and been famed as a somewhat wild child, again who doesn't love a wild chid? I remember seeing her face splashed across Gabrielle Chanel for the first time and thinking to myself 'Has Karl Largerfeld gone mad?!', but after discovering this I now realise Karl's genius mindset in that both Coco and Kirsten have more in common than what first meets the eye. This was an all round beautiful afternoon to be part of that celebrated not only the Chanel that has semented itself as a household name, but also the history and heritage that has capitvated the minds, and wardrobes, of countless generations. 


"I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I became"

- Gabrielle Chanel