I recently made the decision to invest some time and money into some stylish business cards for my blog. Business cards are always something I've liked the idea of but never got round to actually doing until recently. After being asked on a frequent basis questions like "What is your Instagram?" or "What is your email?" I finally decided I needed to get some and have all the information I was being asked on it. I had a long browse around a variety of websites to see who offered what and what would suit me and my blog best. After enquiring with some of my fellow fashionistas and business acquaintances and seeing which companies they used, I stumbled across one called 'Moo'. Instantly I knew I had found the right one and found a design that fitted perfectly to what I wanted. I won't lie in saying it did take me some time to finish the design, pick an image and choose exactly what I wanted on the card but sure enough two hours later I had it ready to order! I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived with it's chic look and professional layout which makes the card stand out to people. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in the future wanting business cards and other personalised products.