The Design and Enterprise day was a much more relaxed part of the fashion week, it ran the day after the designer show from 10am-4pm. There were talks and presentations done by Van Dal, The Shackleton Company, Caro London and the Textile Association for Norfolk Museums. Once I'd found Kerry again we sat down to speak about the show. She answered all my questions regarding the fashion week and gave me some amazing advice for the future about having a fashion career and what I can be doing to help me progress within the industry. I really appreciated the time she had taken out of her busy schedule to speak with me, to me this showed the length of commitment and effort she and everyone who is part of Norwich fashion week goes to to make these shows bigger and better for everyone who attends and to give them a more authentic experience. Kerry introduced me to a few different people who were invloved including designers, models, the marketing coordinator and people associated with the television crew. It was really interesting to talk to a variety of people who were part of the week and hearing about their involvement. It was a great way to end my couple of days at Norwich fashion week by getting to see a more 'behind the scenes' view and finding out what it really takes to put a fashion week together.