Last Friday evening (18th March) my friend and I drove up to Norwich to watch the instore Topshop/Topman fashion show. I had only realised there was a show on as I had recently been instore shopping and seen the flyers, so it was rather a last minute thing to plan and go to see.

The organiser of the show had very kindly given us front row seats so we had a brilliant view of what was to come down the catwalk. This evening they were showcasing their spring/summer collection which I was really excited to see and be inspired with some ideas for the new season. It was lovely to see all ticket proceeds were going to charity, their chosen charities were 'Lady Garden' and 'C.A.L.M', it was a sold out show with no free seats in sight which only means an excellent donation to both charities. The show was everything I expected and hoped for, a fresh and new presentation of their fabulous collections. There were plenty of eye catching pieces and different styles which is what I want to see in a new collection, I want whatever comes down the catwalk to really grab my attention. The stylists did a wonderful job at putting each piece together, I felt it was done very tastefully in a way that it stood out enough but not too overdone.

To me it really matters how a new collection is presented and introduced at a fashion show, we could quite easily go into the store or look online and see the individual pieces and fall in love with them, and then see them modelled at a show with perhaps a different piece that you don't agree with and lose appeal to the original piece you liked in the first place. So it's important that everything coincides with one another in a modern and unique way yet still quenches the public's thirst for wanting the next best thing in fashion, this show certainly lived up to that standard in my eyes. There was plenty of options to take from the show to kickstart anyone's spring or summer in style, it varied from vibrant coloured skirts, floral dresses, the more formal slim suit jackets and giving that extra spring/summer touch with the signature sunglasses. I think that's what fashion is becoming more and more about, having a much wider choice so we can create our own individual identity. After attending this show I am more than ever excited to venture into my spring wardrobe and take some new ideas into my own personal style.