With summer having gone by in what feels like a heartbeat, it was time for the fashion industry to descend on London to get a glimpse of the next big thing. September is known as the January of the industry as it marks the point in the year when new collections and trends are debuted. This season I was lucky enough to have five days in the capital to attend shows, which were followed by unforgettable after-parties, catching up with friends and networking with fellow creatives who share my passion. Whether you attend fashion week as a buyer to scout the latest trends or a student wanting to get a taste of what it's really like, I believe we all share a similar feeling, the adrenaline rush when a collection you've been waiting months to see comes down that catwalk.


My first day began as the Pam Hogg show, which started the week in a dramatic style. Her collection was a mash-up of punk influences, vibrant colours and fantastical characters. The big story at the Dans La Vie show was camoflague. It's great to see a trend keep coming back time after time and reinventing itself. Bold headpieces were the headline in Michaela Frankova's collection, which explored a variety of materials in a refined style. This collection touched upon the very much metallic trend and featured artwork by T-mo Bauer printed on silk fabric.


John Herrera was a personal highlight for me as he co-ordinated a colour palette of red, black and white to compliment his ready-to-wear garments. The detailing and personalisation I saw through each piece put his work in a league of it's own. My love of florals was sated at the Rohmir show which offered statement accessories which chic prints, something that can be difficult to do correctly. I was drawn in from the moment the first model came down the catwalk.

Photo: Simon Armstrong  Collection: Michaela Frankova 

Photo: Simon Armstrong

Collection: Michaela Frankova 

If I can take anything from this season other than the design talent it had to offer, it's the realisation that I couldn't be more thankful to be part of the fashion community. A community and industry that thrives upon endless creativity, and, of course, great style, that offers you the chance to stand out from society and create your own unique identity. Before I knew it, LFW had come to an end, but it proved just why it is one of the most extraordinary and exciting events on the calender. Until next time, London...