Our second day at LFW began nice and early with a walk around London and a trip to Harrods, another one of my favourites. The place has everything from Chanel belts to Versace baby clothes, a shopoholics dream! We stopped for tea and scones to fuel ourselves for the busy day that was ahead of us. London to me is very classical and clean-cut which I wanted to emulate in my look. The statement piece in this outfit was my blazer which channels Balmain inspiration, I paired this with a simple white shirt and checked suit trousers.

Blazer - New Look

Trousers - River Island

Shirt - New Look

Shoes - Burtons

Our first stop of the day was in Mayfair for the 'House of Ikons' show, this was my first time attending one of their shows. 'DK House Of Fashion' made its own statement by using fur and leather together which created very imaginitive and fresh ensembles. 'Issosey Children' had a completely new and fun dynamic with structured childenswear which I haven't witnessed before. Later on during the show we realised we were sitting next to one of the models parents, it was interesting to chat to her and talk about the collection and the work her child does. Swimwear made an apperance in the 'Nicole Jane' collection, straightforward and classy was the vision that came across. Culture was very much present in the 'Jolie' collection with eastern and western influences. This collection really brought something new to the table from the floral robes to the good use of the colour Khaki. I felt this show was a perfect platform for emerging designers to showcase their work, I look forward to returning next season.

After leaving Mayfair, we made our way to Great Queen Street (a short walk from Fashion Scout) to the 'Finest Fashion' show. This show was particularly inspiring to me because of the individuality and meaning in each of the collections I saw here. 'Alisha' produced clothing that combined both urban and elegant factors that complimented each other fluidly, not something you usually see. Animal prints were also used which I'm never really the biggest fan of but it was done in a way that remained subtle yet defined. 'Valdenize Soare' attention to detail didn't go unnoticed in their pieces and I was impressed with the constant composure throughout, something I look for in designers work. A bold and empowering image made its way down the catwalk in the 'Miss Boss Fashion' collection. Vibrant colours were used which at times I felt clashed slightly but I appreciated the empowering message it put forward to the audience.

After finishing the afternoon off with dinner at a gorgeous Italian restaurant, we stopped off at our hotel to freshen up and prepare for our third and final show of the day. 'Oxford Fashion Studios' was to be our final instalment, one of my favourite shows which I had previously been to last year. OFS showcase runway shows in New York, London, Paris and Oxford and I believe they go from strength to strength and I look forward to coming back to over the coming years. Once we arrived at the beautiful Devonshire Square, just a ten minute walk from our hotel, and we were handed a glass of wine, we then took our seats in preparation for the show to begin. 'Vone' were certainly breaking the boundaries with their simple yet unique coloured mesh detailed dresses which caught the eyes of many! 'Gold Sheep' stepped out of everyones comfort zone when they featured many different prints from animal faces to the London Underground Map on their clothing, something that was satisfying to see. Leather was portrayed in a very new sense in the 'Park and James' collection in the form of capes that accompanied body suits, I really liked the idea of leather being shown in a nonconservative fashion. 'Martia Moreno' produced full denim outfits that completely broke away from the 'denim on denim' rule and showed that sometimes less really is more if its done in a practical way.

Before I knew it my LFW had come to an end once again, but proved just why it is one of the most extraordinary and exciting events on the calendar. Until next time London.....