Last Tuesday evening (15th March) my friends and I attended the designer show, as part of Norwich fashion week. Luckily we arrived early enough to get good seats, so we had a brilliant view of the entire show. As we arrived we were provided with booklets and leaflets which gave us a more in depth explanation on the designers and the fashion week itself. The theme this year was 'circus' inspired so we were expecting lots of colour and adventurous styles. The theme definitely lived up to its expectation and we were not to be disappointed. The show was done in two sets with a twenty minute interval in-between. The designers varied from more established to upcoming within Norwich city. All the designers in the show had different styles and topics to their collections, it was incredibly interesting to see how varied the pieces were in each collection but yet still see them work together under a similar design and influence. You could see how much much time, effort and attention to detail each designer had put into their work, it was certainly well noted. During the first set I received a message from Kerry Curl who is a director at Norwich fashion week who I had previously been in contact with. She asked if I wanted to come and find her for a chat during the interval.


Once the first set had finished I spotted where Kerry was and went over to say hello, we didn't have much time to chat, other than to introduce ourselves to each other and talk about the show so far. However, we arranged to meet again the next day at the Design and Enterprise day. My friends and I all agreed our favourite collection was done by 'Cocoon'. I loved how it all worked together and how each piece had its own statement to make, as a collective it looked a fabulous collection. Cocoon was done by the students at the city college, which admittedly made me surprised yet thrilled to see that local students are producing such beautiful pieces. I think it's so fantastic that they have the opportunity to have their pieces and work modelled on a catwalk at a fashion show, they all did an outstanding job and it must have been so rewarding. I'm so excited to see just how strong the future generations in the fashion industry really are. The show was an all round brilliant display of Norwich's home-grown talent and an exciting snapshot view of the upcoming designers we can look forward to seeing in the future. We all left excited to see just what Norwich fashion week will bring in 2017!